Heatseek: Porn Browser Launched

Heatseek is a pornography focused browser that quietly launched today. The point of this software is to make porn browsing more efficent and more secure. The browser is available on Windows machines only, and is built on top of Internet Explorer.

They’ve clearly thought this through. Every feature is aimed at either making porn consumption easier or making it less likely that others will know what you are up to. I’ll walk through some of the features first and save my editorial for the end.

On the security side: Credentials are needed just to open the browser. Downloaded files are encrypted and viewable only through Heatseek. They do their best to eliminate popups, spyware and viruses. Finally, they’ve even included a panic button to shut down the application immediately. TechCrunch » Blog Archive » Porn Browser Heatseek Launches (yeah, porn browser)

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 12th July 2006 1:07AM