Cybercrooks turn to hacking many applications

In a widely aired TV commercial, a hip-looking dude personifying Apple products wipes the nose of a sickly businessman representing Windows PCs, and smugly declares Apple's immunity to computer viruses.

But the ad belies an alarming shift in cyberattacks. Cyberintruders once bent on breaking into the Windows operating system are increasingly probing for vulnerabilities in popular software applications and not just Microsoft's.

Critical security holes have been turning up in Web browsers, anti-virus programs, word processors, spreadsheets and digital media players. "As we start to see the operating system become more secure, the criminals are moving up the application layer trying to attack Office or iTunes or RealPlayer," says Stephen Toulouse, Microsoft security response center program manager. - Cybercrooks turn to hacking many applications

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 13th July 2006 1:05AM