Cracking Kids' Secret Online Codes

There's a language used by kids for instant and text messaging, and it's a lot more complicated than L O L for "laughing out loud." While it can be used as an online shorthand to be more efficient when communicating, it can also disguise inappropriate conversations. To help parents crack the code and protect their children, I talk to Allan Kush of

What is Leetspeak and who uses it?

"Leetspeak is actually derived from "Elite." In the hacker culture, being called an "Elite" is a badge of honor, indicating that you have great skills and/or have accomplished some feat of notoriety within the community. Originally more of a short-hand than some cryptic code, Leetspeak as it came to be known was a quick language that people could use to converse with each other, a machine short-hand if you will. - Family First: Cracking Kids' Secret Online Codes

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