Microsoft Stabs at Blogspam, Pokes Google

Microsoft today released new research on the epidemic of spam blogs or "splogs" as well as the "comment spam" that dodgy marketers splatter all over blogs in a bid to improve their sites' search engine rankings. Redmond's research team found that splogs hosted on Google's appear to be widely spammed and fairly effective at jacking up the search results for the spammers' Web sites.

Microsoft said it generated the findings using something it calls "Strider Search Defender," a research tool that tries to distinguish legitimate Web links in blog comments from spammers' ruses. Microsoft said it found that most comment-spam links are actually to "doorway pages" that use cloaking and redirection techniques to redirect users to the spammer's target page or deliver ads. Security Fix

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 14th July 2006 11:01PM