Bot masters fool with Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton being exploited? It's hard to believe. But virus writers are becoming more sophisticated in their use of celebrities such as Hilton to entice users to unknowingly install malware.

It may be hard to understand how any reasonable user could believe that Paris Hilton is inviting him to chat on instant messaging or to receive a copy of that video via e-mail, but they do -- or maybe they're just hopeful.

The IRCbot and IM-Worm-based Kelvir families, made famous by the use of videos and images of Hilton, are becoming more sophisticated, according to antivirus vendor Kaspersky Labs.

To date, celebrities, security and law enforcement agencies and politicians have been used to create fast, high-profile infections in devices using IM programs, the company's senior research engineer Roel Schouwenberg said. Bot masters fool with Paris Hilton

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 19th July 2006 1:29AM