OpenDNS wants to change the way you access the Net

To be honest, Domain Name Servers (DNS) are not something I spend a lot of time thinking about. After this many years of surfing the Web, I pretty much expect that URL I type into the address bar will get quickly resolved to wherever it is supposed to be going.

Thus, the announcement of a new, free DNS replacement service took me somewhat by surprise. Why would I want to change my DNS provider? What would I gain by doing such a thing? And more importantly, what was the catch?

According to David Ulevitch, founder of OpenDNS, the experience he gained starting and running EveryDNS (a free DNS service for web site hosts) taught him a lesson about the state of DNS services in general and the increasing problem of spam, phishing scams, and botnets. He noticed that nefarious groups were using EveryDNS as a vector to perpetuate these sorts of attacks. He added code to EveryDNS that would search for and deny these attempts, and shared information about the perpetrators with other DNS services. While he noticed the attacks no longer targeted his system, they simply moved elsewhere to find easier targets. OpenDNS wants to change the way you access the Net

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 20th July 2006 1:28AM