Incredulous ranking: Adbots love Princeton

Talk about a dubious honor.
In its most recent "Security Update" report, Symantec a provider of anti-virus software lists Princeton as the hemisphere's most "adbot"-ridden city. The company said it traced 17 percent of adbot attacks in the Americas to computers in the Princetons.
That number is so high, it makes the second- and third-place cities in North and South America New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil look like also-rans. Both cities played host to 3 percent of adbot attacks in the Americas, Symantec said.
When all continents are taken into consideration, Princeton is the second-most adbot-ridden city, with 7 percent of all adbot attacks being traced here. Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, topped the list at 8 percent. New York was in 12th place, credited with just 1 percent of the world's attacks. PACKETONLINE News Classifieds Entertainment Business - Princeton and Central New Jersey - The Princeton Packet - 10/14/2005 - Incredulous ranking: 'Adbots' love Princeton

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