The Clone Wars

Human beings are pretty sophisticated consumers but when it comes to the Web, itís relatively easy to fool our "sixth sense." If the site looks well produced, if it appears to have original content, itís relatively easy to overcome our basic level of skepticism. In the absence of a tool like clone detection, a typical consumer will be hard pressed to know that a particular site is a template that shares 95% of its text and 95% of its HTML with a With a site known to provide a bad value.

While clone detection uses technical algorithms, it succeeds thanks to economic fundamentals. Financially motivated scammers need customers, so they have no choice but to use public methods like search engine ads to reach their victims. That need to be public is their Achilles heel. Along with our automated testing for spam, spyware and exploits, tools like clone detection make it increasingly efficient for us to search for and find the bad guys. McAfee SiteAdvisor Blog: Clone Detection

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