Is your Web site a malware spewing mess?

Web based "dummy proof" tools are all the rage, it seems. Why, in just the last week we've seen a Web based malware discovery tool, courtesy of H.D. Moore at the Metasploit Project (and *ahem* Google). Now security startup SocketShield has their own Web based offering: LinkScanner. The idea: feed it a URL and it will scan the Web site for you to determine whether it's a malware spewing mess.

SocketShield is a Version 1, 0day protection software from the folks who developed the PestPatrol (now part of CA) antispyware program back in the day. This Web based scanner links to the SocketShield exploit database, which is populated by a network of researchers, automated probes, honeypots, as well as information gleaned from other SocketShield clients. InfoWorld Tech Watch | InfoWorld | Is your Web site a malware spewing mess? | July 20, 2006 11:49 AM | By Paul Roberts

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