Why Linux isn't mainstream

With the ease of installation, maintenance, and use of many recent Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu and Fedora, some are left wondering why Linux still isn't more widespread. Here's my theory.

First, the home computer. People at home generally want to use an OS compatible with what they use at work. Linux isn't at work, so it isn't at home. Additionally, you can't easily play many commercial games on Linux. An overwhelming majority of retail PC games are released for Windows only. Those PC games that are also released for other operating systems are usually released for Windows and MacIntosh. It's rare that a retail PC game is released for Linux.

But the primary reason that more home users aren't on Linux is because they don't use Linux at work. So the work environment is the root of the problem. NewsForge | Why Linux isn't mainstream

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 23rd July 2006 10:56PM