1,400 attacks... and counting: Indian Websites Under Attack

India is under attack from rogue elements within and outside the country, not only in its physical space (think Mumbai), but in cyberspace too. Extensions ".co.in" and ".gov.in" are special targets of hack attacks, whose number, and intensity, is increasing at a worrying pace.

Against 1,500 intrusions all of last year, 1,400 intrusions have already been recorded in the first six months of this year, communications and infotech minister Dayanidhi Maran said at a recent seminar on cybercrime.

Over half the attacks on India’s territory in cyberspace originate from outside the country and they “are largely being noticed from the US, China, Pakistan and the Middle East”, he said.

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 26th July 2006 1:33AM