Image spam paints a troubling picture

Numerous vendors have recently issued warnings about the dangerous spread of image based spam. These unsolicited commercial email messages feature images that are intended to lure victims into visiting a Web site, downloading spyware or adware, or worse.

Vendors have put forth some frightening figures. For example:

# Alpharetta, Ga.-based messaging security firm CipherTrust Inc., which is being acquired by Secure Computing Corp., reports image spam now accounts for about 15% of all spam traffic. Many of those messages are reportedly not stopped by text-based spam filters.

# San Carlos, Calif.-based messaging management vendor Postini Inc. reports a higher figure, that about 25% of spam messages this year have contained images. In some months that figure has been as high as 30%. Postini attributes the growth to attackers who are eager to exploit older spam filters that are only able to analyze text. Image spam paints a troubling picture

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 28th July 2006 12:56AM