Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 preview

Following on the heels of the Firefox 2.0 beta in mid July, Mozilla has released the first 2.0 previews of its Thunderbird email client. Firefox may get most of the attention, thanks to its flashier job, but it is the trusty email reader that conducts most of the killer app conversations on a daily basis.

...The changes in this release are best described as subtle. At first glance you might miss it, but there is a new button on the toolbar labeled Tag. This is new feature allowing you to mark messages with user-definable tags. It replaces the older Label feature, although by default it supplies you with a set of tags identical to Thunderbird's old set of labels.

The tag system has three advantages over the old label system. First, you can define as many tags as you want (labels were limited to five). Second, you can apply as many tags as you want to each message (labels were limited to one per message). And third, tags are hot, new, and Web 2.0 buzzword-compliant (labels are not). On the other hand, the labels were tied to the hotkeys 0-5; pressing one of the numbers would automatically display all messages tagged (I mean, labeled) with the corresponding label. No such feature seems to be available yet for tags. NewsForge | Thunderbird 2.0 preview

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 3rd August 2006 1:41AM