Hacking is anything but child's play

...When McAfee released its biannual Global Threat Report last month, it also seemed to tell us what we'd heard many times before: that script kiddies have been superseded by a highly organised breed of cyber criminals motivated by financial gain, not notoriety. But I reckon we've been harping on about criminal hacking and malicious code writing for so long that it's easy to forget the details. Pause over the delete button and you would read that McAfee researchers worldwide have found a sophistication in malware-writing methods and co-ordination of criminal activities that will surprise many firms, though not their IT chiefs, we hope.

The fact that, as one security expert told me recently, the lovable young rogue hacker from the film WarGames has now grown up and needs to pay the bills and support his family, comes as no surprise. But the extent to which malware-writing communities are now organised might astonish some people. Some criminal code-writing projects were found to involve a finance arm, people to carry out testing, and even partner relations. Hacking is anything but child's play - Computing

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 4th August 2006 2:58AM