Vista Vulnerable To Stealthy Malware

Microsoft can add a new item to its checklist of security issues that must be ironed out before Windows Vista ships early next year. Under the right conditions, it's possible for a cyberattacker to inject arbitrary code into the Vista x64 kernel and stealthily take control of a user's system, according to one security researcher who demonstrated the process Thursday at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.

Joanna Rutkowska, a senior security researcher with Coseinc, presented a demo that showed how an attacker with systems administrator-level privileges could trick Windows Vista Beta 2 kernel, x64 edition, into disabling its signature-checking function and allow any unsigned device driver to be loaded onto a user's system. The danger is that the attacker can write malicious code into such a driver, which Vista would then execute. InformationWeek | Vista security, Black Hat | Black Hat: Vista Vulnerable To Stealthy Malware Despite Body Cavity Search | August 4, 2006

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