Symantec atones for church spyware mistake

As first reported by ZDNet UK on Thursday, Norton Antivirus wrongly identified a file integral to Visual Liturgy as Sniperspy, a piece of spyware. After receiving the update, users were prompted to accept the Sniperspy threat warning and delete the file, called vlutils.dll. This rendered Visual Liturgy useless.

CHP confirmed that Symantec has now fixed this problem.

"We have spoken to several users and one or two of our beta tester users, who usually are clergy with a background in IT prior to ordination. They have confirmed that Norton and Visual Liturgy are now functioning normally. So it does appear that, yes, Symantec has fixed the issue," said David Green, outgoing new media manager for Church House Publishing. Symantec atones for church spyware mistake | CNET

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