SANS: Turn off your Computer

A computer can not be compromissed while turned off. In particular home computers are typically only used a couple of hours a day. So why not turn it off while you don't use it? Some DSL/Cable modems have a 'disconnect' switch. This switch will usually turn off the ethernet interface of the modem. Turning off the modem alltogether is another option.

You have to be a bit careful turning off your PC making sure you still get necessary patches. Typically, the DSL/Cable modem will check for updates whenever you turn it on. For the PC: It should still regularly check for updates while turned on. Rebooting the PC may be useful to make sure all the new code is loaded. SANS - Internet Storm Center - Cooperative Cyber Threat Monitor And Alert System

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 5th August 2006 4:01AM