Blackberry a Juicy Hacker Target

A computer security researcher says he's found an unexpected new path into company networks: the Blackberry.

Jesse D'Aguanno, a consultant with Praetorian Global, has developed a hacking program that exploits the trust relationship between a Blackberry and a company's internal server to hijack a connection to the network. Because the data tunnel between the Blackberry and the server is encrypted, intrusion detection systems at the perimeter of the network won't detect the attack.

The technique is successful, D'Aguanno says, because most companies aren't equipped to detect someone trying to deliver an exploit from inside the network. It also works because few companies view the Blackberry as a plausible attack vector. Wired News: Blackberry a Juicy Hacker Target

Linked by shanmuga Sunday, 6th August 2006 11:38PM