Vista: No Silver Bullet for Security

If your vision of Microsoft's new Vista operating environment involves a nice, quiet second Tuesday of the month, snap out of it: The new OS is better, not perfect.

Microsoft's upcoming Vista operating system will be more resistant to attacks than previous versions of Windows, security experts say. But the new OS still offers a big target, a few weak spots, and plenty of room for patching.

Applications -- particularly existing, non-Vista apps -- will be the weak link for Vista, says Thomas Ptacek, a researcher with Matasano Security. Vista's security dilemma is no different from that of any other OS, Ptacek says. "The OS is just there to run the programs, and if the programs themselves are not secure, the whole system is insecure." Dark Reading - Application and Perimeter Security - Vista: No Silver Bullet for Security - Security News Analysis

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 10th August 2006 2:38AM