Could metasearch engine usage shield your privacy from an AOL like flub? Perhaps

...Vivisimo uses its own solutions to power the Internet search site (a meta-search engine). I tried it. Not only does meta-search engine usage provide a degree of insulation from working with a MSN or a Yahoo (if privacy and subpoena's are the sort of thing that concerns you), Clusty is very cool in the way that it clusters results. Clusty is equally notable for what it doesn't do. According to Valdes-Perez, it doesn't track users.

...Earlier this summer, meta-search provider announced that it would be permanently deleting all personal search details gleaned from its users from its log files including user IDs and IP addresses. Could meta-search engine usage shield your privacy from an AOL-like flub? Perhaps | Between the Lines |

Linked by shanmuga Thursday, 10th August 2006 3:00AM