A Portable Hacker Helper

Immunity, Inc. has built a new hand-held penetration testing tool that resembles a PDA, enabling penetration testers to crack enterprise defenses without raising as much suspicion as they did with laptops.

The Linux-based Silica tool -- slightly bigger than a SideKick PDA -- will ship in October, says David Aitel, CTO of Immunity, who announced the tool today on his message board and on Immunity's Website. "The idea is that you [the pen tester] can put it in a pocket and walk around and do what you need to do," he says. Silica supports 802.11 and Bluetooth wireless, as well as a USB connection to Ethernet LANs.

Lugging around a laptop can be tricky for penetration testing and social engineering firms, which often make clandestine visits to their clients in order to test their defenses. Dark Reading - Application and Perimeter Security - A Portable Hacker Helper - Security News Analysis

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