Computer viruses seek out your cell phone

When it comes to cell phones, the smarter they are, the harder they fall, for viruses.

Almost one in four cell phones sold in the U.S. are now smartphones, according to FTN Midwest Securities - do-it-all wireless devices that can handle voice calls, e-mail, office documents, and more. But these increasingly capable devices are also increasingly vulnerable to mobile viruses. The same computer-like features that make smartphones appealing - an operating system that makes it easy to add new software programs, increased storage, and more powerful processors - also make them a target for hackers.

"Mobile viruses will probably get worse," says Shane Coursen, a senior technology consultant at antivirus software firm Kaspersky Lab. "In the history of computer viruses, as a platform becomes more accepted and more widely used, there are bad guys out there waiting to take advantage of it." Working Tech: Computer viruses target the phone your pocket - Aug. 10, 2006

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