Windows Worm Warnings No Joke

As the spotlight on a dangerous Windows vulnerability grows brighter by the hour, security analysts Thursday said that it's not hype driving the alarms, but genuine fear that a major worm attack is just days away.

"This is no drill," said Mike Murray, director of research at vulnerability management vendor nCircle. "And no, this isn't an overreaction. We've always said that some day there would be another big, serious vulnerability.

"Well, this is the one."

The bug in question is one of 23 patched Tuesday by Microsoft, and one of 16 tagged by the Redmond, Wash. software developer as "critical." It affects all currently-supported versions of Windows, can be exploited without end users lifting a finger, and in some experts' eyes, rivals the bug that led to 2003's destructive MSBlast attack. Windows Worm Warnings No Joke - Technology News by TechWeb

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