Is your bank responsible for protecting you from key loggers?

Where does your bank's responsibility to protect you and your online transactions end? Apparently the HSBC bank of Great Britain knew for 2 years that they had a vulnerability and did nothing about it. There are very few details about the vulnerability, but one thing is known -- an attacker would already have to have a key logger on the customer's system to take advantage of the vulnerability. Maybe I'm being naive, but if an attacker has a key logger on the system, I figure your online banking credentials being stolen is just the start of your worries.

The vulnerability HSBC has is apparently extremely difficult to actually take advantage of, a factor HSBC took into account when they decided to live with it because other concerns were more pressing. As security professionals, we should understand this balancing act, even if we don't always agree with the decisions that are reached. The cost to fix the issue was considered to by management to exceed the probability of an exploit multiplied by the possible cost of paying for any such breaches. Pretty standard business reasoning. Is your bank responsible for protecting you from key loggers? - Computerworld Blogs

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 12th August 2006 11:17PM