Keeping your identity on a short leash

A new illegal enterprise is preying on our citizens, attracting the likes of criminals, gangs and illicit organizations. Crooks hack into company computers to steal the private information and sometimes the full identities of their customers.

And the fact is, many companies who have been hacked fail to inform their customers about what has — or might have — happened to such private information, and there is no law that forces them to do so. Let’s face it: disclosing that kind of information could be bad for business. And while customers have a right to know what happens to their information, once it is given up to a company, they no longer control it.

It is therefore up to businesses to protect it, and prevent any unauthorized access to it — especially if they want to keep their customers happy.

Unfortunately, there is no way of completely ensuring that any given business or company is guarding your information with 100 per cent accuracy. However, there are steps you can take that will make your identity a little harder for the bad guys to steal. Keeping your identity on a short leash

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