Biggest Security Vulnerability Ever? Not Hardly

The ongoing bot attack against Windows 2000 machines isn't "massive," a security company said Monday afternoon, and may be all that attackers have in mind for the MS06 040 vulnerability patched last week.

The bot, dubbed "Wargbot" by Symantec but tagged with a bewildering list of alternate names by other security vendors, "was pretty predictable," said David Cole, the director of Symantec's security response group. "Last night for Europe and this morning in the U.S., we saw a bit of an uptick in [sample] submissions, but that was anticipated. It wasn't massive or even a Cat 3."

Symantec marks threats using a 1 through 5 scale; Wargbot received a "2." Biggest Security Vulnerability Ever? Not Hardly - News by InformationWeek

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