Mocbot MS06 040 IRC Bot Analysis

Mocbot first appeared in late 2005, using the MS05-039 PNP vulnerability in order to spread. Since it is fairly unremarkable IRC bot and was not even the first to use the MS05-039 exploit, it received little attention past the ordinary anti-virus writeups and signatures.

Amazingly, this new variant of Mocbot, still uses the same IRC server hostnames as a command-and-control mechanism after all these months. This may be partially due to the low-profile it has held, but also may be due to the fact that the hostnames and ip addresses associated with the command-and-control servers are almost all located in China. Historically Chinese ISPs and government entities have been less-than-cooperative in taking action against malware hosted and controlled from within their networks.

Little appears to have changed between previous Mocbot variants and the new one, except the replacement of the MS05-039 exploit with that of MS06-040. Primarily Mocbot resembles many other IRC bots, providing the controller with a backdoor on the infected host, along with the ability to launch a DDoS attack against other hosts, as well as being able to use the built-in exploit to spread to additional systems. Mocbot/MS06-040 Analysis

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 16th August 2006 11:49PM