More consumers' PCs infected with spyware

The percentage of consumers' computers carrying some sort of spyware or adware jumped slightly in the second quarter, anti-spyware tools vendor Webroot Software reported Tuesday, and sent the overall infection rate to levels not seen since 2004.

In the second quarter of 2006, 89 percent of consumer PCs were infected with an average of 30 pieces of spyware/adware, a small jump over Q1 and the highest mark since the final three months of 2004, Webroot spelled out in its quarterly "State of Spyware" report.

"Less than a year ago, many security experts began claiming that spyware was on the decline and that infection rates would soon drop to the point of extinction," said David Moll, the chief executive of Webroot, in a statement. More consumers' PCs infected with spyware - Security -

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