Spam Quiz: Can you spot the spam?

Are you spam savvy? Can you tell which Web sites will respect your personal information? Can you tell which ones might sell or rent your e-mail address to spammy third parties? Take our Spam Quiz to find out if you can spot a spammy Web site before your inbox suffers the consequences.

...our Spam Quiz sets out to determine whether users can tell which sites employ unsafe e-mail practices. The quiz asks users to judge the e-mail practices of sites in popular categories (free games, e-cards, sweepstakes, credit cards, scholarships, online dating, jokes, and petitions) that often request user e-mail addresses.

The stakes for failing the quiz are high. Registering with all eight of the quizzes' unsafe sites resulted in 2,697 e-mails per week in SiteAdvisor's test inboxes. That's 140,244 e-mails per year! Signing up at the worst site in the quiz resulted in 1,075 e-mails per week and the average unsafe sign-up resulted in 337 e-mails per week. The vast majority of e-mails received contained highly commercial content from third parties. McAfee SiteAdvisor - Spam Quiz

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