Data destruction

It seems weird to be writing an article on data destruction. Usually I am writing articles on how to keep data safe, not on how to intentionally destroy it. Data destruction definitely has its place though, especially when it comes to old hard drives. Even seemingly innocent data can be used for malicious purposes, so it is extremely important to make sure the data is unreadable when disposing of hard drives. If you look on the Internet, you'll see that there are a million techniques that people use to clean hard drives of data. Since some of these techniques work better than others, I want to use this opportunity to talk about which data destruction methods do and do not work.

Why is data destruction so important?

Before I get started, I want to discuss the importance of stripping data from your old hard drives before disposing of them. As I'm sure you know, computer security has gotten a lot better over the last couple of years. Not to say that today's enterprise networks are impenetrable, but in most cases it is definitely harder to hack into a properly secured network today than it was a few years ago. Data destruction

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