Can Authentication Restore Trust in EMail?

Is identity theft on the rise, or is it a problem that has been vastly overhyped? Recent incidents of lost or stolen laptops have focused public attention on the huge amount of personal information that can very easily make its way outside the control of corporate IT. However, in spite of so many incidents involving hundreds of thousands of individuals, it is not clear that the lost or stolen information was actually used for gain.

Unfortunately, the flurry surrounding these laptop incidents has shifted focus away from a very real threat -- the increasing severity of spam, deceptive e-mail and phishing exploits that truly are intended to garner personal information and use it for illicit purposes. It would be a real shame if people began to lower their guard when confronted with a phishing attack, in the mistaken belief that nothing bad would really happen if they were to disclose personal information, such as online banking username-password combinations, to the wrong entity. E-Commerce News: Internet: Can Authentication Restore Trust in E-Mail?

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 18th August 2006 12:46AM