'Analog Hackers' Overlooked, Undetected

They can pose as copier repairmen, IT consultants, or fire marshals. They can steal a passcard, pick the lock, or simply walk in with a group of employees. They can borrow a password written on a Post It, make a copy of a key, or simply plug into a network jack in an empty conference room.

They have two things in common: They've been on your network, and you probably never knew it.

"Analog hackers," sometimes called "physical hackers" or "social engineers," are among the industry's most subtly dangerous, yet least known, threats to IT security. At least, we think they are: Despite extensive research, we were unable to find any definitive industry research that shows the extent of the threat, or how fast it might be growing. Dark Reading - Desktop Security - 'Analog Hackers' Overlooked, Undetected - Security News Analysis

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 19th August 2006 7:26AM