Virtual PCs are the key to secure computing

...Oneís physical computer should always be configured like a server, as paranoid as you can tolerate, and like a server, left untouched except by your paranoid self. Your promiscuous self can have free run of a largely unsupervised playground operating in a virtual machine. Your devil-may-care personaís email client has HTML viewing enabled and is configured to access only spam accounts. On the virtual machine, you run browsers wide open so you donít have to constantly click through barriers to get where you want to go, and youíre even free to share files, use IM, run BitTorrent and host a website and mail server. These are facilities you donít even install on the host.

If a physical host is adequately protected, and the virtual machine guest does not use a bridged connection through the host to get to the internet, then a virtual machine guest cannot harm its host. The only link between the guest and host should be an isolated shared folder owned by an unprivileged user with no login access. Computerworld > Virtual PCs are the key to secure computing

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