Microsoft Makes Security Blunder with Vista Beta Patching

..."We have received multiple inquires from Windows Vista beta testers asking if their systems are affected by the security bulletins released last week."

Other than pure curiosity, why would anyone ask such a question? Surely they don't think that the beta operating system they're running is "secure," do they? Do they have a functioning version of their chosen anti-virus, anti-spyware or personal firewall product supported by their respective vendors on Vista? Do they believe that Microsoft has corrected all security vulnerabilities in features that aren't being broadly tested? Do they believe that the third-party software they're running on the box properly interacts with Vista such that those products don't introduce other vulnerabilities of their own?

Why, if I'm not running the beta in production, would I have to worry about some worm getting onto a network where Vista is present? Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online | Column: Microsoft Makes Security Blunder with Vista Beta Patching

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 23rd August 2006 12:09AM