Crypto browser plugin aims for simplicity

German coders have developed a free encryption plugin for webmail accounts. Freenigma comes as a browser plugin for Firefox which works with Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and other webmail accounts. The eponymous firm behind the technology wants to extend this service to other webmail and social network sites.

The software offers an implementation of GNU Privacy Guard and support of the OpenPGP standard to scramble and unscramble the content (though not the From and To) headers of webmail messages. Within the webmail client, a JavaScript-based "user script" handles the integration of the freenigma functionality in the webmail client as well as the encryption and decryption of mails. Freenigma's server copes with key management. Crypto browser plug-in aims for simplicity | Channel Register

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 26th August 2006 3:40AM