As Threats Evolve, Defenses Must Adapt

t's Monday: time to pay your monthly credit card bill. A tech-savvy consumer, you log on, open your Web browser and surf to MBNA. com, a site run by the bank that issued your card. Once there, you enter your user name and password, access your account, check your last statement, transfer funds, and pay your bill.

Little do you know that a program on your computer that you agreed to install—perhaps without knowing exactly what it did—is silently monitoring your actions, taking snapshots of the pages you visit and forwarding that information to a company that sells market "intelligence" to advertisers. That's if you're lucky. Worse yet, the program may be an hours-old online banking Trojan that captures your e-banking sessions and sends the information to a compromised server in Brazil or South Korea. And, then ... who knows? As Threats Evolve, Defenses Must Adapt

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 17th October 2005 12:38PM