Risky Lyrics Sites!

And the award goes to… Yung Joc and Nitty! The MTV Video Music Awards won't air until August 31, but the results from the McAfee SiteAdvisor "Most Dangerous Lyrics Sites" Survey are already in. So whether or not Yung Joc and Nitty take home one of the coveted "Moon Men" trophies at this year's VMAs, they have already outranked the competition by having the most hazardous lyrics to search for online.

While casting your vote for the best videos and watching the MTV awards show may be a fun and entertaining way to celebrate your favorite musical artists, searching for the lyrics to your favorite songs might leave you in a bit of a funk. (And we're not talking about explicit lyrics content.) With more than 22.3 million searches for lyrics terms being conducted each month (more on this later), this site genre is a prime target for malicious players. Unsafe lyrics sites pose serious dangers: browser exploits, Active X controls that install spyware or adware, excessive pop-ups, and links to other unsafe sites. McAfee SiteAdvisor Blog: Parental Advisory: Risky Lyrics Sites!

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 30th August 2006 2:54AM