Top 10 Reasons Security Products Don't Work

If there's one thing security users and vendors agree on, it's that there's no silver bullet for preventing an attack. No combination of security tools, and certainly no single product, can guarantee the safety of your network and data.

But customers and vendors see things very differently when it comes to why security tools can't do it all out of the box. IT managers say security tools are very reliable in protecting their sensitive data and often make more work for them with false alarms, security holes, complexity, and lousy support from the vendors. Security vendors blame user frustration on misconceptions and false expectations on just what these tools can do in the age of ever-more sophisticated hackers and increasingly profitable cybercrime, as well as how organizations deploy and maintain their products (or not). Dark Reading - Application and Perimeter Security - Top 10 Reasons Security Products Don't Work - Security News Analysis

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