More information on Commwarrior.C

It certainly does lots of things, and none of them are nice. This is probably the most dangerous mobile phone virus we've seen so far. Luckily it doesn't seem to be widespread.

Commwarrior.C spreads over Bluetooth in same manner as earlier variants, but the MMS functionality however is quite different.

First of all, Commwarrior.C goes through the address book and sends messages to numbers found in there, just like A and B variant did. But in addition, it also mimics the users MMS behavior. Commwarrior.C listens for any arriving MMS and SMS messages and replies to them with infected MMS! And when user sends a SMS message, Commwarrior follows this by sending immediatly a second message to the same address: an infected MMS. F-Secure : News from the Lab

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 17th October 2005 12:41PM