AMD "virus" is no AMD virus at all

AN UNEXPECTED SIDE EFFECT OF rebranding X86 64 as AMD64 has probably taken the manufacturer by surprise.

In the last couple of months, virus experts have released statements about two new attacks that target x86 64 based Windows that have caused widespread panic and confusion in the press about what exactly was going on, and have landed on AMD's doormat, rather unjustifiably.

Well, we hope that our readers will be smart enough to see through the stupid bomb's cloud to the truth below: the viruses might affect Windows AMD64 version, but not because of any chip level AMD weakness, rather because the virus is attacking Windows 64 bit x86 version, just not the Itanium IA64 version. AMD 'virus' is no AMD virus at all

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 30th August 2006 3:19AM