Apple's DRM cracked again

If DRM is a huge thorn in your side, you'll be happy to hear that an intrepid programmer has cooked up a tool for removing Apple's FairPlay DRM from iTunes downloads. But you'll need patience and at least a passing familiarity with running Python code, until somebody comes up with a more userfriendly interface.

QTFairUse6 looks at AAC frames in memory after they've been decrypted, but before the decoding step, and dumps the data into a file. It currently only runs under Windows, and relies on iTunes for the actual decryption work as well as FAAD for making the dumped data into playable AAC files. Unlike earlier tools like Hymn/JHymn and the original QTFairUse, this program can handle streams from iTunes 6.0.4 and later. Apple's DRM cracked again

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 30th August 2006 10:48PM