AT&T Hack Highlights Web Site Vulnerabilities

The attack against an AT&T Web site that sells DSL equipment provides a stern reminder that stolen laptops aren't the only way to compromise sensitive customer information. Although AT&T hasn't provided details about how the site was hacked, it's disclosed that attackers last weekend made off with personal data, including credit card information, for nearly 19,000 DSL equipment customers.

The Web site is run for AT&T by an independent vendor; AT&T would not reveal the vendor's name. It's working with its own internal forensic experts and law enforcement to analyze the attack, a company spokesman says. The company says the attack was discovered within hours of its launch and the affected site was shut down. AT&T, in a statement, attributed the motive of the attack to a criminal market for illegally obtained personal information. AT&T Hack Highlights Web Site Vulnerabilities - News by InformationWeek

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