Using Images to Fight Phishing

So called "phishing" Web sites set up by scammers to mimic financial institutions and swindle unwitting consumers often "inlink" or borrow logos and other images directly from the targeted institution's Web sites as a way of making their scam pages look more legitimate (or maybe because the crooks are just lazy). Security experts have long suggested that banks turn the tables on phishing sites that use this technique by creating a short whitelist of sites that are permitted to use those images, and then simply swapping out the real image with one that reads "THIS IS A SCAM SITE" for any sites not on the whitelist.

For whatever reason (likely out of fear that an innocent site may set off alarm bells and scare customers away from online banking) most banks have ignored this advice, or if they are using such techniques I've never seen them employed by any major finanicial institution against phishing attacks. Using Images to Fight Phishing - Security Fix

Linked by shanmuga Friday, 1st September 2006 10:16PM