Freenigma: Encryption for webmail

Until now, security conscious email users could employ encryption with traditional email clients, but were out of luck with webmail services. Freenigma, a service to add encryption to third-party webmail services via a Firefox plugin, aims to add security to the convenience of webmail. My trial of the service indicates that it's making a good start, but has room to improve.

Freenigma provides encryption that works across multiple webmail platforms. It isn't the first system to encrypt webmail, but it is the first that I'm aware of that encrypts mail for third-party services such as Gmail. You can send encrypted mail through Gmail if you use its SMTP and POP features, but you can't encrypt and decrypt mail within the webmail client itself.

Other secure webmail providers, such as Hushmail, are primarily aimed at charging for services like storage and IMAP. They might provide basic service for free, but they're all about getting paid for the add-ons. Freenigma works with existing providers, so you don't have to give up the 2GB Gmail storage or your existing address. | Freenigma: Encryption for webmail

Linked by shanmuga Saturday, 2nd September 2006 1:50AM