Thou shalt not create new viruses

This commandment is viewed in the anti virus community as an unbreachable taboo. Anyone who offends against this will be dealt with they are no longer one of the good guys. This self imposed restriction, in itself a sensible measure, is however currently being used by anti virus manufacturers to talk up a storm against independent tests.

...Experts from McAfee, Sophos and Kaspersky are queuing up to heap ever greater condemnation on this supposed taboo-busting. McAfee's Igor Muttik self-righteously asks, "Shall we all write viruses to find the best antivirus?" Graham Cluley from Sophos joins in with, "With over 185,000 viruses in existence was it really necessary for this magazine to create 5,000 more?". Both apparently fail to notice that they sound like Mercedes dealers complaining about the 'elk test' arguing that there are enough real accidents to analyze the safety measures of their cars. heise Security - Comments - Is it permissable to create new viruses?

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 4th September 2006 1:42AM