DS trojan writer apologises, whines

DARKFADER, infamous creator of a bricking trojan that afflicted Nintendo DS handhelds has posted an apology on his site. What had originally seemed malicious looks to be little more than childishness as DarkFader stumbles through his apology. Having released his DS trojan last week DarkFader quickly fell into disrepute and became something of a leper to the DS homebrew community.

He admits the trojan has, "caused some harm to some non-targetted and targetted people owning a DS with non-Nintendo-approved hardware." as if seeking to justify his vigilante approach. Worse still he manages to apologise and seem regretful only for the loss of his popularity within the DS homebrew community. DS trojan writer apologises, whines

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 17th October 2005 1:19PM