Three Years After Sobig.f, Next Attack Cycle Starting

The upcoming third year anniversary of the Sobig.f worm was marked Friday by a security researcher who said its role in creating today's flood of phishing attacks and spyware means the next attack cycle will be even more virulent.

Sobig.f, a worm that first appeared in August 2003 but which included a self-imposed cut-off date of Sept. 10, 2003, was the first significant malicious attack loaded into an e-mail attachment, said Mark Sunner, the chief technology officer of U.K.-based security vendor MessageLabs.

"Hindsight is fantastic, it makes things so clear when you look back and interpret events. That's the case with Sobig.f, which was particularly significant because it was the first virus that truly was all about spam. Three Years After Sobig.f, Next Attack Cycle Starting - Technology News by TechWeb

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