Google and Apple: A Google OS At Last?

In a short amount of time, Google has gone from a little search engine with a funny name to being a dominant force in the tech industry. They're doing so many different things right now that it's almost easy to forget that they started off primarily being a search engine. Nowadays, their web applications and advertising programs have attracted a lot of attention. People aren't just using Google for its search engine anymore - they're also using it for their e-mail, instant messaging, calendars, and in some cases, their income. When you observe that fact, you begin to see that it can actually pay to use Google.

They've built this great infrastructure of products and services, but are they going to do anything with it besides what they've already done? You better believe it. - Google and Apple: A Google OS At Last?

Linked by shanmuga Monday, 11th September 2006 9:51PM