When is a phish not a phish? Warning over "anti phishing" scam

SophosLabs have warned of a scam circulating in Australia which uses an almost amusing twist on conventional phishing email warnings. Instead of talking you into going online to a bogus website to change your banking credentials, the email strongly urges exactly the opposite. "Dear Australian Bank Clients. You must NOT Update or Confirm Your Account information," it warns.

Instead, the email claims to be from News Limited and shouts out the unlikely story that "this week all AUSTRALIAN BANKS WILL BE CLOSED." Clicking on the link and visiting the bogus news website infects internet users with a phishing Trojan horse designed to steal login details from customers of the Commonwealth Bank and e-gold. When is a phish not a phish? Warning over "anti-phishing" scam

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 13th September 2006 12:47AM