Spearphishers track eBay trades

As part of the general trend of more focussed phishing, users of online auction house eBay are reporting phishes directly targetting losing bidders.

When an auction ends and someone has been outbid, they are contacted, either by a private email claiming to be the seller or by a spoofed mail from eBay itself, informing them that the buyer has pulled out of the sale and that they, as second place bidder, are granted a 'second chance' to buy the item.

Once the phisher has scooped up personal information, credit card or PayPal details, or even a PayPal payment sent directly to them, the victim of course receives no goods and the phisher disappears back into the ether. Most of the trades targetted have involved expensive audio equipment. Virus Bulletin : News - Spearphishers track eBay trades

Linked by shanmuga Wednesday, 13th September 2006 1:01AM